What We Do


To meet vital needs and build peace in warzones.



  • Go to warzones to help people affected by conflict
  • Analyze conflict and its impact
  • Conduct needs assessment and identify context-appropriate solutions
  • Work with local stakeholders to create initiatives to build peace in their communities

Build Relationships

  • Identify and build relationships with local stakeholders
  • Work with local partners and communities to develop effective, context-appropriate solutions
  • Screen partners to ensure trustworthiness and capability

Meet Needs

  • Identify projects that are sustainable, impactful, and cost-effective
  • Work with locals to design projects that meet vital needs
  • Secure project funding
  • Provide oversight throughout implementation process
  • Monitor and evaluate impact and sustainability of projects

Build Peace

  • Conduct conflict assessment
  • Utilize relationships with communities to catalyse peacebuilding efforts
  • Identify and build relationship with stakeholders, influencers, and peacemakers
  • Work with stakeholders to address current and future conflict