The effects of war often damage people’s ability to live lives full of health, protection, and peace. Armed conflict damages infrastructure and makes access to populations difficult. Conflict-affected people often struggle to find water, food, and health care. War threatens people’s physical safety. Civilians easily get caught in the conflict, leading to injuries and death. In many situations, children are recruited as soldiers and women are specific targets of violence. Human rights are frequently violated and disregarded during conflict. All people deserve to have health, protection, and peace, regardless of who they are or where they live.

Warzone Initiatives is built to work where other organizations do not. Many organizations are already doing great work around the world, and our goal is not to replicate this work. Rather, our experience in the developing world has revealed massive unmet needs in warzones. When armed conflict breaks out in a country, many flee: businesses close, NGOs leave, and many are forced to flee their homes. We choose to face the risks inherent in working in warzones strategically and with careful consideration because we believe the affected people are worth the risk. We exist to serve the local population that is affected by conflict, those that are simply trying to live, work, care for their families, and continue on the best they can.

x 2014.11.25