Do not tire of doing good.

“Do not tire of doing good, for we will reap a harvest if we?do not?give up.” I have been pondering this text now for quite some time. It is very seasonal for me at this time. You know the old adage… “the best things in life you have to work for.” Well it is very true. Now there is another side to this argument which is unmerited grace. – When we receive things that we have not worked for, things that we do not deserve. And that is an amazing gift and experience. But… there is another truth which is brought out of persistence, steadfastness, and consistency in doing good. And there is a natural law to doing good. We attract who we are and we attract what we do. Doing good attracts good. But doing good is not without its challenges, in fact it is full of challenges! The greatest challenge to doing good is longevity. You see doing good is like plowing a field. It takes time to see a harvest. It takes time to see your fruit. And like crops, you must do good over and over and over in order to see your fruit. And every year you do it, your field becomes more fruitful and begins to multiply. And it is so worth it to enjoy the fruit of a hard worked field. One of the greatest feelings in the world is to see fruition come out of the thing you have devoted yourself to, the thing you have sweat over, labored over, and cried over. Doing good will return to you. Stay the course and enjoy the journey because it is a law God built into the framework of life. Doing good requires courage and strength, but it is in the process that God meets us and that is where an amazing encounter takes place. Don’t strive for an easy life… pursue the good life.

-Christian Taylor, CEO