What our supporters have to say…

What our supporters have to say…

“My husband and I like to support people that actually implement their vision and put forth their words into action. This is one of the many reasons that we love and support Arc Solutions. From the moment we started working with them, we realized that they were not just an organization raising money to eventually go and install water filters in Somalia. No, they wanted to go NOW and not wait. They didn’t know exactly what they were getting into, nor did they have many contacts in the area, but instead they chose to have courage and take the trip to Somalia, even though it is one of the most dangerous countries on earth.¬†Another reason we support Arc Solutions is because they are making a difference in the lives of impoverished families in Africa, who wouldn’t normally have access to clean water. But now, they have higher chances to live healthier lives! Last but not least, we support ARC because we trust their directors, Christian Taylor, Holly Tonnesen, and Benjamin Church. From the moment we met them, they have been only kind, trustworthy, and true friends to us and we know that we can trust that our money is being put to the best of use. “

Hannah Reed, monthly supporter of Arc Solutions




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