What is it about MLK?


What is it that has drawn us to love a man so much as a nation? Across politics, economics, and religion we find ourselves drawn to this man Martin Luther King Jr. So what is it? Is it his dynamic speeches, his courage, his fight for human rights? Yes, it is all of that but it is something more. It is the way he did it. There are few people who have been able to inspire a movement that requires a fight from day one, but embody Grace with all their being. MLK is one of those few. It is the Grace he embodied that draws us, it attracts us, it mesmerizes us. It is unique, beautiful, and powerful. To know is to love and this Grace requires knowledge. A knowing that your enemy is not the enemy, but a brother from a different place with a different value system, a brother nonetheless. This Grace enables us to see into the depths of people, beyond their flaws and into their soul. MLK saw hate in peoples eyes, yet he looked beyond. And when he did he could not help but love.

-Christian Taylor