Change Agent


Recently, I have been working on the WaSH curriculum for our school projects with Arc Solutions to teach communities about clean water practice, good hygiene and sanitation as well as becoming a change agent of health.? Being a change agent is an integral part of the curriculum that is reviewed every week.? This particular curriculum targets kids by empowering them to be catalysis of change for their families, schools and communities in health practices.

As I worked on this curriculum, it raised some questions.? The following questions came to mind as I was thinking about advocating behavior change in a community; What makes a powerful change agent; Why is it that some movements have momentum while others seem to dissipate; What creates the tipping point for cultural change?? The answers to these questions will shape nations, makes lessons become cultural norms and separate good leaders from great leaders.? The answers will create solutions that are sustainable and transform cultures.? Here are six ways to be a change maker.

1. Have a Clear Vision
People follow a vision and will get lost without it.? Vision creates a map for others to follow. Vision gives focus to the message and paves the way for the impact you are aiming to make in the world.

2. Teamwork
You are only as strong as your other team members.? Most great movements or shifts in cultural start with a group of people working together. We need each other to lend and draw strength from as well as cover each other in our weaknesses.

3. Persistence
Endurance is key for change.? Change takes time and people change at different paces.? Enduring with your vision will create momentum.

4. Risk
Take the risk and keep taking it.? Creating change will always have its challenges.? You are going where no one has gone before.? Risk is not always easy because you will have setbacks and critiques.? It is worth taking the risk because when you make a mistake you can build on your new wisdom.

5. Practice What You Preach
Be the change you want to see.? Practice the behavior you want others to follow.? Follow through and set the example.

6. Learn From Others That Have Gone Before You
Be a life long student and learn from both the successes and failures of those that have journeyed before you.? Build on their victories and learn from their mistakes.

By Kelly Keith