Seasoned Idealism

?christian the thinker

I’m an idealist and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Why? Because we believe. We see the possibility in everything. In actuality we are drawn to the “impossible” things, because we just know that somehow there is some way that it can actually happen. But what happens when an idealist hits walls, suffers disappointment, setbacks, and challenges. I’ll tell you what happens… it hurts. It’s painful, it can be crushing, and heart-breaking. We all know anecdotes and real people who have given up when their romantic worldview was challenged. These tales reinforce the view that idealism is just for the young, unhealthy, and unrealistic. And that in time they will either be broken or become realists.
There is a different way with another possible outcome. When walls, suffering, disappointment, setbacks, and challenges aren’t seen as hammers, but rather as tools to learn from – the idealist can embrace the beauty of process. Idealists don’t need to encounter a perfect world, they just need to pursue one. And when they understand that pain and disappointments are part of the process they can thrive in their beliefs, remain steadfast, and pursue the impossibilities with seasoned idealism.

– Christian Taylor