Celebrating Ordinary Heroes: The Square




Recently, I had the privilege of watching The Square with my fellow Arc team. The Square chronicles the tumultuous revolution that has swept through the nation of Egypt starting in 2011.? The documentary, narrated through the eyes of charismatic protestors, gives an insiders perspective of the life and commitment of activists in Tahrir square.? The Square depicts the celebration of the revolution, the bravery of young Egyptians to make a difference in their own future, and the brutality they experienced from the Egyptian military and Muslim Brotherhood.? The story uncovers the political exploits of the governing institutions and the battle for freedom and power.? It was a powerful insight into what many around world encounter: brutality, instability and corruption.

In reflection I thought to myself, these are ordinary young people, heroes in their own day.? They are making history and changing things for their own generation.? Their commitment to pay for freedom with their own life was how my own nation was born.? They are standing against government corruption and uncompromising extremist groups. I was moved by their bravery. Though they continue to confront brutality in their nation, they have started a revolution that continues today.

I would like to celebrate the ordinary heroes in my own nation and those in conflict zones alike. Heroes exist in every country, activists who will catalyze change for the betterment of their nation.? I am thankful for those that have sacrificed for my freedom and for the hidden heroes of every nation that will bring a revolution of peace and freedom to their own.

-Kelly Keith