Partner Vision Trip


Arc Solutions…Solutions that make a difference. This past month I had the opportunity to travel to Somalia with Arc Solutions on a partner vision trip. I had the chance to visit project sites and see what life is like in Mogadishu. I learned so much from this trip. I will do my best to summarize, but it will be difficult to do it justice.

I saw time and time again, Somalis whose lives had been changed for the better because of Arc Solutions. The two Somali employees, Ahmed and Layla, expressed adamantly the blessing and increase to their lives being an employee of Arc has been. They were passionate about their work, and appeared to be doing a great job as the boots on the ground.

Somalia as a country is on the verge of succeeding. Before the trip, I saw Somalia as a country in need of many things. Although this is true, I underestimated the fire and passion of Somalis to see their country rise to greatness yet again. Somalia needs their own people to believe in their country, and everyone I met more than believed. They are confident Somalia will be great again.

I was impressed by the politicians we had the chance to meet with. They were all extremely grateful for the help Arc Solutions has been to their country and their schools. They were interested in future projects, hoping to partner to see Somalia be all it can be.

We had the chance to visit each school that Arc Solutions partners with to bring clean water. We visited the first project to the most recent, and each project was better than the previous one. Arc Solutions has been quickly learning and adapting their strategy to best suit the needs of the people. An example of this is the addition of hand washing stations at the two most recent sites. That was awesome to see.

I was amazed to see the children at the schools who now have access to clean drinking water. Although born into a war torn country, they are pursuing education, even learning Somali, English, and Arabic at the same time! We have much we can learn from them.

I cannot wait to further partner further with Arc Solutions, having been fully touched by their passion, love, and the difference they are making for Somali children!

-David Reed, Arc Solutions Partner