Well Maintenance


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Just a few weeks ago, we launched a new campaign to bring clean water to the Central African Republic (C.A.R.). One of the projects we?re working on in C.A.R. is a Well Maintenance Project. You may be wondering, what?s well maintenance? And why is that important? The Well Maintenance Project involves teams of two men with a truck who visit wells that are enrolled in the maintenance program.?These teams travel with tools and commonly malfunctioning and short-lived parts. They perform both preventative maintenance as well as minor repairs. This model provides a sustainable approach to make sure wells continue to function.

So why is this project important? In this part of Africa, 60% of handpumps are not functioning. Isn?t that an amazing statistic? 6 of every 10 wells that have been built to provide water are broken and aren?t actually producing water for the people who need it! For this reason, consistent maintenance is essential. If a well isn?t functioning, we want to know about it as soon as possible so that it can be fixed and is once again producing water!

If you?d like to support well maintenance in C.A.R., please visit our Projects Page.

-Erin Boettcher