Why Not?


JayHocking 20

“You see things as they are and ask ‘Why?’ I dream of things as they never were and ask Why not??” – Bernard Shaw. ‘Why not?’ is a favorite question to ask myself. It?s really a two part question:

1) Why is that not possible?

2) Why not me?

Such questions of great proportion that will wreck your life in the best of ways. WARNING: Be careful when you ask yourself this, because you may never be the same again. The first question has to do with our world paradigm. Do we accept impossibilities as fact or do we challenge them? I?m not talking about a critical spirit that questions everything about anything, but rather about that righteous indignation inside you that says ‘why can?t the world change for good? Why is there limitations and who sets those?’?The second question is where this really gets fun? ‘why not me?’ We each get one life to make what we will with it. Only one! Why not spend that one life pursuing the dream that is brewing inside you, the you that you want to be, the thing that you want to see changed for good? It?s a damn good question? why not?

-Christian Taylor