Why I Want to Help Gaza



Last week, we at Arc Solutions launched a new campaign to raise funds to address the current water crisis in Gaza. It is estimated that 90% of Gaza lacks access to clean water at this time. We know that Gaza is a very controversial topic to engage in. As we continue to expand our work to new conflict zones it is our goal to clearly communicate our heart with our supporters. We want to continue a dialogue with you so that we all know why we are engaging in these challenging areas.
Gaza is a hot, controversial topic that I and we at Arc Solutions are choosing to engage in. However, we are not engaging in its geopolitics, religious views, or are we choosing sides. Before I am the CEO of Arc Solutions, I am a follower of Jesus and the way He lived His life greatly influences me. We at Arc Solutions are responding in the same way that we think Jesus would respond to this crisis. When Jesus saw pain and suffering He didn?t ignore it out of concern for the misinterpretation of His actions. Instead He chose to love despite the cost. He unashamedly broke through barriers to the heart of people. He loved the others?, he broke bread with the sinners, he touched the untouchables?, and he showed us a love with no barriers and no boundaries. I?m not telling you to ditch your politics or your spiritual beliefs. Quite the opposite, I think they are extremely important in this world. Our beliefs should lead us into engagement that breaks through politics and religion. Loving people means treating them as yourself. And if you were thirsty? you would want a drink. And you know who would be there to give it to you? Jesus. By Arc Solutions running a campaign to bring clean water to Gaza, we are not siding with Gaza politically. We are not against Israel. We are choosing to love the people of Gaza by helping them get clean water.
– Christian Taylor, CEO Arc Solutions