Central African Republic: Refreshed


“Refreshed, that’s how I feel. Driving down rain soaked red dirt roads lined by six foot grass stalks on both sides was picturesque, yet that’s not what got me. The cool moist air that was long overdo was life giving, yet that wasn’t it either. Giving a lift to women carrying babes and goods for miles, back to their village was a joy, but that wasn’t it either. It was what we found at Mokpoto, the remote village deep in the bush of Central African Republic. It was the beautiful 600 person family we found. It was the village that looked like a family. The children running wild full of laughter only to be chased away by the stern-faced aged chief for laughing too loud while the grown-ups talked. The women caring meticulously for their ornate village rising in the midst of the jungle. But what really got me was the men. They were engaged, really engaged, unlike common tales of disinterested men. These were men working tirelessly in their fields, fighting for their communities water supply, and doing it all with grace and passion. This community was doing what we all strive for… making the most of their situation with joy and relentlessly pursuing more. More health, more water, more freedom from the tyranny of rebel bandits, yet there was no excuses. They spoke passionately, debated amongst themselves, and communicated their challenges clearly. They own it. They own their lives, they own their village, and they own their future.” – Christian Taylor, CEO Arc Solutions

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