Damara Road, Central African Republic

Kids playing, laughter, and fun. This is what you see when you visit the villages among the Damara Road. But when you stop and talk with the communities you find the deep affects of the recent conflict upon their lives. The Damara Road was the place where most of the fighting took place. Thousands of people fled the Damara Road to escape. Some of the villages stayed and fought to protect their communities. Many lives were taken. Livestock was wiped out. Pain and desperation has covered the communities. A lack of clean water has led to sickness and death. The people thought that this was the end of their village and the eradication of the Central African Republic. They don’t even have words to express the crisis that has occurred.

Arc Solutions has partnered with Water for Good to keep the wells in this area operating through well maintenance. The people feel full of hope that the organizations and supporters see that there is a future for CAR. We will continue to work with these villages speaking hope and acting to ensure clean water. We believe in their future, their children, we believe good is happening.

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