To Be Heard

IMG_625311074139_10152633996646256_3994320561771653012_nProject Bokoma

When we think about people in a dire situation we all want to solve it, solve the problem, make it better. Find a need and meet it. It’s the natural reaction we have when driven by our compassion to see the world made right. This is right, this is good. It is a good thing to be active, to pursue solutions to the major problems that leave death in their wake. But sometimes a different approach is needed…
I spent last week driving through the conflict scarred nation of Central African Republic. We covered a lot of distance and talked with as many people as we could. All were directly impacted by the conflict that has ravaged the nation for the last two years. Every person we talked to, every village, simply wanted to be heard. They wanted to be known. They wanted someone to listen to their story. They wanted someone to care. That is it. As someone who is driven by action, execution and achieving goals, it is easy to ignore the person and address the problem. This week we didn’t do that. We listened, we asked questions, and we sat with the people in their story. Each time we were told how much it meant to them, how they felt valued because we took the time and the risk to come to them and just listen. Their honesty and vulnerability meant the world to me… to be freely let into that place of pain of a life upheaved. This incredible encounter marked us all. No life altering solutions were accomplished but maybe, just maybe, something even better happened.
-Christian Taylor, CEO