Warzone News July 1, 2015

soldiers in truck in central african republic
Warzone News from Arc Solutions
  • Somalia celebrated 55 years of independence on National Day.?National Day?India congratulates Somalia
  • al-Shabaab (terrorist group linked to al-Qaeda) militant attack in southern Kismayo region on Somali soldiers and on AU peacekeeper bases, same day as French factory attack. Also noted is the June 24th attempted bombing of vehicles carrying UAE diplomats in Mogadishu.?al-Shabaab Terrorist Attacks
  • IS takes territory, pushes out Taliban and takes control of opium fields.?IS seizes territory, threatens stability
  • Taliban suicide car bombing in Kabul on NATO military convoy?Bombing on NATO
  • USAID funded hospitals aren’t legitimate, one of the coordinates of the hospitals is in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. Another example of mis-used funding. USAID defended saying using old coordinates, waiting on verification.?USAID funded hospitals
Central African Republic
  • IS threatens to topple Hamas. They are claiming a lack of enforcement of islamic teaching as motivation.?IS threatens to topple Hamas
  • Silicon strip in Gaza. Limited by borders but using internet for development. I thought was a pretty interesting piece that highlights a local incubator started by an American.?Tech hub
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