Warzone News July 8, 2015


Warzone News July 8, 2015


  • Al-shabaab militants kill at least 14 people in northern Kenyan town. This is in response to previously sent Kenyan troops to Somalia. Kenyan involvement in Somalia isn’t new, good to keep tabs on the interactions.?Attack in North Kenya
  • Al-shabaab establishes presences in strategic province northwest of Mogadishu as Somalia forces withdraw. Somalia didn’t comment on the reason for withdrawal of forces from this province. AU forces have also been retreating.?al-Shabaab advances in southern somalia?AU troops retreat from Somalia
  • Peace gains stated by UN official. Government needs to be wary of ISIS. Mogadishu experiencing gains in development. Two different articles on as one is a chinese source so I thought the slight contrasts were interesting.?Progress in Somalia – Shanghai daily?tipping point for peace


  • BRIC powers meeting to discuss IS threat in Afghanistan. China seeking business interests in Afghanistan.?China in Afghanistan
  • Emphasis on conflict resolution in Afghan universities. Improvement in the education system since 2001. Hopes for program to contribute to peace talks.?con-res in afghan universities
  • Afghan and Taliban peace talks conclude with a positive note. US and China present but progress made with Taliban directly negotiating with Afghanistan. Peace talks end


  • Gunmen storm CAR radio station although motives not clear. Speculated connections to the next elections.?attack on radio station?
  • Unrealistic calendar of elections believed to be imposed by France. Concerns the timeline would create more instability. Concerns regarding rainy season to impact elections.?election pressure from international community?
  • I thought this article was positive, although a bit odd. Progress of faith leaders initating dialogue, community watches soccer game divided by UN van. The point is they were in the same space watching the same game, even if divided.?Faith leader progress?
  • Foreign policy opinion piece speculating CAR’s conflict not rooted in religion but marginalization and poverty. Highlights the importance of employing youth. I thought it was pretty good.?Africa’s angry young men?
  • Speculations on Joseph Kony hiding out in CAR/South Sudan border, an area inaccessible to AU soldiers. Important to keep tabs on, although this article highlights his health concerns.?Kony health concerns


  • Effects of conflict on Gaza children. 70% experience bed wetting and nightmares. 3400 children injured during conflict and 1500 lost a parent.?Impact on Gaza’s children

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