Connection in Conflict

Connect with Somali Child

We live in?a world where impersonal connection is accepted. It is the common norm. We text, we email, we message, we do it because it is efficient or because we don’t want the messiness of what a face to face?connection would bring. Technology has created an invaluable means of connection by distance, but we all know that nothing can take the place of a look in the eyes, same location, connection.

As the in-country guy for Arc Solutions I get the privilege of being the representative of our voice and message in war zones. War zones… by nature the people living in the midst get few visitors and most of the visitors aren’t bringing good tidings if you catch my drift. For the conflict affected people I meet it’s not uncommon for them to tell me that I am the first international they have seen in two years and then they thank me, give me a feast, and say don’t forget about us, fight for us. Are you kidding me! How could I forget some of the most beautiful people I have ever met, fighting for life, full of generosity and thankfulness. I cannot forget. I will not forget.

What is the more powerful form of restoration we bring to conflict affected people at Arc Solutions – the solution that will make their lives healthier and safer or the personal message of hope and solidarity with their hardship? It’s easy to put a value on the tangible solutions we initiate – ‘x’ amount of people got access to clean water or ‘x’ percentage of waterborne disease was eliminated in ‘blank’ community. It is more difficult to put a value on hope, on a face to face connection, on a message testifying in word and deed that you are not alone, you are not forgotten, you are seen and known. To one who’s home has been burned, child has been abducted, has been oppressed by their own government, and feels like there is no hope – this it means the world.

This is why we want to do more of this. We want to be able to say to them in person, face to face… you are cared for, we see you, we are standing with you and fighting for you. The ‘Boots-on-the-ground Campaign’ allows us to do just this. Please support so that we can bring this message to more people.


-Christian Taylor