Warzone News August 19, 2015


Warzone News: Week of August 12, 2015

Resource of the week: Today is World Humanitarian Day! The #sharehumanity campaign is spreading stories of humanitarians around the world.

In Afghanistan, members of the Taliban dressed as police officers killed 14 people in the south. Afghan security forces are retreating from the southern province of Helmand. The government is working to restore relations with Pakistan, a crucial step toward stability. Many Afghans and Syrians are fleeing to a tiny island in Greece.

In Gaza, it’s been a decade since the Israeli government removed 8,000 Jewish settlers from the territory.

In Nigeria, 47 people were killed and Boko Haram names a new leader.

In Iraq, ISIS completed one of its biggest attacks, killing 67 in an attack that targeted Shia Muslims. The US has accused ISIS of using chemical weapons in Iraq.

In Libya, peace talks continue in Geneva, but their success is threatened by an uptick in violence. ISIS is fighting both government forces and rival jihadi groups. A massacre has left up to 200 people dead.

In Somalia, African Union troops are accused of killing six men at a wedding. A warlord is re-elected to help fight Al Shabaab.

In South Sudan, peace talks continue in Ethiopia, but a split among rebel groups and the president‘s refusal to sign a deal has left them unsuccessful. Some countries are considering imposing sanctions on South Sudan. Meanwhile, an estimated 16,000 people have fled to a refugee camp over the last month. South Sudan’s foreign minister has accused Sudan of backing rebels in the country’s civil war.

In Syria, the US launched manned airstrikes from Turkey for the first time. A 48 hour ceasefire deal was negotiated last week, but collapsed on Saturday. The New York Times published shocking reports that ISIS uses rape as a weapon and to recruit fighters. Airstrikes near the capital killed 80 people and US airstrikes have been linked to civilian deaths. Recently, there have been numerous signs of movement toward negotiating a diplomatic solution to the conflict, including a visit by Iran’s foreign minister and a Syrian official expressed a willingness to negotiate.

In Thailand, a bomb in a crowded area of Bangkok killed 22 people on Monday, including tourists. Officials still aren’t sure who’s responsible.

In Yemen, the involvement of Saudi and UAE troops on the ground has worsened the conflict. Pro-government forces made significant gains and an explosion hits a southern hospital. The on-going conflict is hurting civilians the most and killed at least 1,000 children. Amnesty International is accusing both sides in the conflict of war crimes.