Warzone News August 5, 2015

x 2015.02.02Warzone News August 5, 2015

Resource of the Week: A map of the world’s conflicts.

In Afghanistan, the leader of the Taliban has died, causing the Taliban to leave peace talks with the government. A new Taliban leader was also named.

In CAR, there are reports that Muslims are being forced to convert by Anti-Balaka militia. Refugees who fled to CAR to escape Joseph Kony’s LRA are returning home to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In Iraq, Turkey is using airstrikes against Kurds in the north while the US and it?s rebel allies completed 22 airstrikes against ISIS. High temperatures across the country is having a devastating effect on refugees.

In Israel and Palestine, Israel is being accused of war crimes in the start of last summer?s conflict with Gaza.? A Palestinian toddler was killed in West Bank and in Gaza, one man was killed and another wounded. Reportedly, instability in Gaza has caused an opportunity for ISIS in the region.

In Nigeria, captives of Boko Haram have been freed by government forces, in one case about 50 and in another 178. A Boko Haram suicide bomber has killed ten in a northeastern city. Nigeria and Cameroon are working together to defeat Boko Haram.

In Somalia, the president threatened to postpone 2016 elections due to insecurity.

In South Sudan, the current civil war has been just as violent and deadly as the country?s battle for independence from Sudan. Thousands of South Sudanese are facing starvation due to a blockade.

In Sudan, Amnesty International has accused the government of war crimes in South Kordofan. Bombings in the south of the country don’t spare civilians or aid workers.

In Syria, the UN envoy is working to resume peace talks. Turkey and Israel continue to be involved in the conflict. Al Qaeda has abducted Syrian rebels that were trained by the US and the Kurds gained ground in northern Syria. The US announced plans to back rebels, create an ISIS-free zone,? and increase sanctions.

In Yemen, airstrikes by Saudis against Houthi rebels and a car bombing by ISIS rock the country. Human Rights Watch has accused Houthi rebels of indiscriminate killing in the capital city of Aden. The country?s exiled prime minister has returned to Aden. An estimated 6.5 million Yemenis are at risk of starvation and almost 100,000 have fled. For a comprehensive look at the conflict in Yemen, check out this in-depth article from Rolling Stone.