Warzone News September 23, 2015

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Warzone News: Week of September 23, 2015

Resource of the Week: 70 years after the founding of the United Nations, peacekeeping forces are facing more challenges than ever, struggling to keep up with the world’s conflicts.

The International Day of Peace was celebrated on September 21. This infographic shows trends in peace and conflict since 2008. A new set of development goals were also adopted this week, and peace is an important feature of the goals.

In Afghanistan, along with Syrians, many Afghans are fleeing to Europe because of worsening violence.

In Burkina Faso, a coup overthrew the transitional government last Wednesday. A few days later, the leader of the coup apologized but didn’t want to give up power. Today, the president claims he is back in power as international leaders arrive to try and mitigate the crisis.

In Cameroon, a new report was released accusing Boko Haram of killing almost 400 people in northern Cameroon since January 2014.

In the Central African Republic, the UN high commissioner for human rights called for more aid and peacekeeping troops to help address the conflict

In Iraq, 13 people were killed by ISIS in a bombing in Baghdad. A lack of public services has lead to a cholera outbreak in the capital.

In Israel and Palestine, reconstruction is finally speeding up in Gaza after months of delay. A recent poll showed that a majority of Palestinians are not in support of a two-state solution.

In Kenya, security forces have launched a new mission to remove Al Shabaab militants along the border with Somalia.

In Myanmar, religious tensions are rising ahead of November elections, leading to fears that violence will break out.

In Nigeria, UNICEF is reporting that Boko Haram has displaced a total of 1.4 million children. Government forces freed 90 people from Boko Haram.

In Somalia, Al Shabaab took control over two of the Somali army’s bases in the south. Four people were killed in a suicide bombing that targeted the presidential palace.

In South Sudan, aid workers have become frequent targets of attacks. Monitors have accused the government of violating the recent peace deal with rebel forces. Both sides have accused one another of breaking the peace deal, causing a deteriorating security situation. Almost 200 people were killed in a fuel tanker explosion last Wednesday.

In Sri Lanka, the UN is asking the government to set up a commission to investigate abuses committed during the country’s 26 year civil war that ended in 2009.

In Syria, an informative feature by the New York Times counts the deaths from the country’s four year civil war. France agreed to join the airstrike campaign in Syria while Australia launched it’s first bombing of ISIS. Russia has also sent aircraft to Syria in support of Assad’s government. Reports were released that the US has misrepresented it’s success in fighting ISIS.

In Turkey, the on-going conflict with Kurdish PKK forces is putting civilians, and especially children, at risk.

In Yemen, the exiled government agreed to join peace talks, but only if Houthi rebels publicly acknowledge the government and remove their forces from main cities. The exiled prime minister also returned to Yemen to try and re-establish the government. Rebels released six foreign hostages, including two Americans, a Briton, and three Saudis. Airstrikes in the north led by Saudi forces killed 30.