Warzone News November 25, 2015

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Warzone News: Week of November 25, 2015

Resource of the Week: Stranded refugees at the border of Greece and Macedonia have begun nonviolent symbolic protest acts, including a hunger strike, in order to affect change and improve conditions. Read about it here.

Afghanistan, acceptance of family planning is growing, having important effects on women?s healthcare efforts. A recent PBS Frontline story reports on the use of children as spies and suicide bombers in Afghanistan.

In Burundi, as violence escalates, the United States has imposed sanctions on public figures. The UNHCR and UNICEF are looking more support as the impacts of violence are being realized.

In the Central African Republic, the United Nations said on Thursday it is in talks with the Democratic Republic of Congo about the country’s future involvement in a peacekeeping mission in Central African Republic because it had not adequately vetted its troops.

In the Lake Chad region, populations flee Boko Haram violence. Read more about the conditions in the epicenter of violence? from Doctors without Borders on the ground here.

In Iraq, France and the U.S. will expand attacks to combat ISIS. Last week, the United States House of Representatives voted in favor of a bill that tightens restrictions on acceptance of Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

Israel and Palestine, there was a series of fatal attacks in Jerusalem and the West Bank and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledges to keep up Israel’s tough hand? against Palestinian attackers.

In Mali, there are still many unanswered questions about the deadly attack on a hotel in Bamako.

In Myanmar, a massive landslide at a jade mine in the northern state of Kachin left 113 dead and at least 100 still missing. In other news President Obama visited a refugee camp where many displaced Rohingya are living, read more on his visit here.

In Nigeria and Cameroon, suicide bombers killed 17 people in attacks over the weekend. orchestrated by Boko Haram. Explosives strapped to five girls were detonated, officials said Monday.

In Somalia, a suspected drone attack killed 5 al Shabaab fighters. In other news, the United Nations report that recent floods have damaged supply routes and vital infrastructure, which could impact health conditions and relief efforts in the county.

In South Sudan, conflict persists despite the peace deal and the UN urges that more peacekeeping troops be sent to reinforce the mission in the country.

In Syria, the Syrian army captured a western town from the Islamic State. As armed conflict rages on, Syrian children are caught in the crossfire.

In Turkey, Human Rights Watch reports that the country has all but closed? its borders to Syrian refugees. Turkey shot down a Russian warplane near the Syrian border, prompting President Vladimir Putin to warn of ‘serious consequences.?’

In Yemen, dozens of troops and militants have been killed in clashes in eastern part of the country over the weekend. Against international concern for number of civilian casualties, the Saudi-led coalition asserts that they do not target civilians

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