Rohingya Community Health Project


You have the power to save lives through our Rohingya Community Health Project!

“The Burmese Government is trying to make a genocide of us. Women can’t get help if she has complication in childbirth – this is genocide.”

– Osman Ali, Rohingya man

Osman Ali, a 61 year-old Rohingya man said the above while we interviewed him in his one room bamboo hut in Northern Rakhine State in Myanmar. Osman and his family live in a restricted area?it is really an internment camp. They don?t have citizenship and they can?t leave the restricted area where they live. If they try to leave, they will likely be beaten and killed by police, military or extremists from the local population. Osman had seven children. One was killed by extremists and two were killed by treatable illnesses. Why? Because the Rohingya do not have access to medical care. This is one of the primary ways the government of Myanmar is systematically attempting to exterminate the Rohingya.

The government will not allow international organizations, like Warzone Initiatives, into these camps. But because of relationships we have built with the Rohingya and our local partner, Partners Relief & Development (who works exclusively with oppressed minority groups in Myanmar), we have found ways to bypass their systems and bring medical care direct to the Rohingya. But, we need you to make this happen. Your donations make this possible:

  1. Training Rohingya community health workers

  2. Providing life-saving medicines and supplies to treat Rohingya

  3. Connecting doctors to Rohingya CHWs remotely to diagnose and treat Rohingya

We have the community health workers picked out, the training curriculum is being translated to Rohingya, we have methods to smuggle medicines and supplies into the camps, and we have doctors in Thailand ready to be resources to the health workers. All is prepared, now we need you to give to make this happen. You can stop this genocide by putting the power of medical care back into the hands of the Rohingya. Your support will:
  • Train 5 Community Health Workers
  • Help provide treatment for 500 Rohingya patients
  • Provide vitamin and nutrition support for 1,500 Rohingya children

To make this project happen, our goal is to raise $20,000. Click here to give to the Rohingya Community Health Project.