Warzone News December 2, 2015

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Warzone News: Week of December 2, 2015

Resource of the Week: The number of deaths caused by landmines globally increased last year to an estimated 13 casualties per day.

In Afghanistan, NATO has announced that it will keep 12,000 troops in the country through 2016.

In Bangladesh, an ISIS-affiliated group claimed responsibility for an attack on a mosque that killed one person.

In Burundi, the head of the U.N. warned that the country could be heading for more violence, but said it was not yet time to deploy peacekeepers. Seven people, including a police officer, were killed in the most recent violence.

In Cameroon, two separate attacks by Boko Haram killed 11 people. A top U.N. official urged the international community to act to fight the growing Boko Haram problem.

In the Central African Republic, the U.N. is reporting that over a million children are in need of immediate aid. A resurgence of violence ahead of the Pope’s visit has displaced tens of thousands and made the delivery of aid more difficult. Pope Francis visited the country, encouraging peace and reconciliation. A Muslim man was killed in a Muslim enclave in the country’s capital a day after the Pope visited that area.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, U.N. helicopters have launched airstrikes against Ugandan rebels following attacks that killed dozens of people.

In Israel and Palestine, three Palestinians were killed in clashes in the West Bank.

In Libya, warring factions appear close to agreeing to a deal that would create a unity government and, hopefully, end the fighting.

In Myanmar, a government offensive in the eastern Shan state has displaced over 10,000 people. The International Organization for Migration urged southeast Asian countries to treat Rohingya Muslims fleeing by boat with humanity and dignity.

In Niger, an attack by Boko Haram near the border with Nigeria killed 16.

In Nigeria, schools in the northeast region of the country are finally re-opening 18? months after attacks by Boko Haram forced the schools to shut down.

In Somalia, rival political groups are clashing in the central area of the country, separate from the conflict with al Shabaab.

In South Sudan, food shortages are threatening to devolve into a “catastrophe” as the dry season approaches. A child and a peacekeeper were killed in a disputed area between Sudan and South Sudan.

In Syria, leaders from Russia and France agreed to cooperate in their efforts to fight ISIS. France’s foreign minister also argued that government troops could be useful in the fight against ISIS, but only if the Syrian president is removed from power.

In Yemen, Human Rights Watch is calling for an investigation into unlawful airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition, which includes the U.S. and other Western countries, that have killed hundreds of civilians. More fighting in southern Yemen killed 16 people. A woman working for the Red Cross was kidnapped in the capital city.

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