2015: The Year in Numbers

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2015 was a fantastic year at Warzone Initiatives! We launched our new name, started working in a new country (Afghanistan), did lots of traveling, started publishing weekly Warzone News updates, and, most importantly, had a BIG impact in warzones! Here’s a look at what we accomplished this year, in numbers:

2: The number of wells we drilled, the first time we’ve done this type of project.

4: The number of countries where we completed projects (Somalia, Central African Republic, Gaza, and Afghanistan).

10: The number of communities in Central African Republic that received well maintenance sponsorships for the second year in a row.

17: The number of projects we completed, including a variety of different project types.

124: The number of households in Somalia who received soap, empowering them to avoid contracting waterborne illnesses.

7,608: The number of people who visit Al Ahli hospital in Gaza City each month. We installed a desalination unit, water storage tank, and water heater as well as repairing pipeline so the hospital can treat it’s patients safely and effectively.

27,286: The number of people we served in 2015!

While each of these numbers is something to celebrate, numbers can only tell us so much. Behind each number is a life, a family, a community that is being transformed. Thank you for helping us transform lives in 2015, we could not have done it without your support!

To begin bringing transformation to more people in 2016, we encourage you to give to our Rohingya Community Health Project here.