Warzone News: March 16, 2016

warzone news(2)Warzone News: Week of March 16, 2016

In Afghanistan, the national unity government faces 5 major challenges to survival, according to the UN special envoy. After attempted talks with the Taliban, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has highlighted recent victories over ISIS. On Tuesday, the Red Cross began publishing an online diary from the ground in Afghanistan, you can read the stories firsthand here.

In Burundi, the EU has decided to suspend all aid to the government due to recent political violence. Over the weekend, the attorney general announced that after the December 11th massacres, 58 bodies of suspected rebels were buried without notifying their families.

In Central African Republic, the economy grew by around 5% last year, the highest growth increase since 2000.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, two park rangers and five militiamen were killed in clashes Virunga National Park, famous for its gorilla population. Read the inspiring story of Jeanine, a displaced women in North Kivu province, from Doctors Without Borders.

In Iraq, civilians are fleeing as ?battle looms? in Anbar province. The Iraqi military is seeking a draft for the first time since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

In Israel and Palestine, more land has been seized by the Israeli government in the West Bank. Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat, in a statement, called on the international community to press Israel to stop land confiscations.

In Libya, suspected ISIS militants staged an attack near oil fields in the eastern region of the country on Monday.

In Myanmar, Htin Kyaw, close ally of Aung San Suu Kyi and member of the NLD party, has been elected as the first civilian president in decades.

In Nigeria, herders are suffering losses after the army closed cattle markets to stop Boko Haram from raising funds by selling livestock.

In Somalia, al-Shabaab militants seized a port town in the country?s semi-autonomous region. Fatuma Dayib has announced her intent to seek the presidency, making her the country?s first female presidential candidate.

In South Sudan, militias allied to the South Sudanese army have been allowed to rape women in lieu of wages while fighting rebels, according to the UN. Last year, over 1,300 women were raped by militiamen in Unity state alone. NPR details the Amnesty International report on the deliberate suffocation of 60 men and boys by South Sudanese government forces.

In Syria, as violence continues, NBC recounts 5 years of ?hunger, horror and heartbreak.? CNN has released a new resource, featuring stories of 55 Syrians. On Monday, another round of peace talks began in Geneva.

In Yemen, at least 41 civilians have been killed and 35 others wounded in an airstrike by Saudi-led coalition warplanes in the Mustaba district of Hajja province.

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