Warzone News: April 6, 2016

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Warzone News: Week of April 6, 2016

In Afghanistan, a suicide bomber killed 6 people in Parwan province. Many former government supporters are calling for elections to remove the current president, further destabilizing the fragile government.

In Armenia, clashes broke out in Nagorono-Karabakh along the border with Azerbaijan, ending a ceasefire that was established in 1994. Many worry that the clashes could turn into all-out war despite a truce that began today.

In Burundi, the government has accepted a UN Security Council Resolution that would bring a UN police contingent to monitor security in the country. A retired Rwandan politician died in a Burundi jail, where he was accused of spying, as tensions continue to rise between the two countries.

In Central African Republic, three UN peacekeepers accused of sexual abuse in the country are on trial in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A total of 21 peacekeepers have been accused of abuse in CAR.

In Israel and Palestine, Israel has expanded the fishing zone off Gaza’s coast, giving Palestinian fisherman a larger area to cast their nets, the first such increases since 2006. Child labor has doubled over the past five years, a sign of the high unemployment plaguing Gaza. An incident last week when an Israeli soldier shot a wounded Palestinian assailant is raising questions about the military’s high command, usually an extremely popular institution in Israel.

In Libya, the unity government has set up shop in the country’s capital, but questions remain about if the new government will be able to bring peace and unity to the country. The UN has said it will lift sanctions if the new government can gain control of the country. Meanwhile, the democratic government of nearby Tunisia is threatened by the conflict in Libya.

In the Republic of Congo, the re-election of president Denis Sassou-Nguesso, who has been in power for 32 of the last 37 years, has led to violence in the capital and 17 people killed.

In Somalia, a US air strike has killed a senior Al Shabaab leader while AU forces reported killing 6 commanders. Despite these gains in the fight against Al Shabaab, the group has proven resilient even in the face of stronger opponents. Seven people were killed in three shootings in Mogadishu perpetrated by Al Shabaab.

In Sudan, the UN has found evidence of cluster munitions in Darfur, violating an arms embargo.

In Syria, state media is accusing ISIS of using chemical weapons against government troops. A recent increase in violence is threatening the partial ceasefire that, so far, has largely held. As the ancient city of Palmyra was finally liberated from ISIS, New York Times photographer traveled to the city to assess the damage done by ISIS.

In Yemen, there is hope for an end to the conflict as the main combatants have agreed to a ceasefire beginning April 10, and will attend peace talks a week later. The US Navy has captured a large shipment of weapons, likely traveling from Iran to Yemen. A photographer captures what life is like in northwest Hajjah province, where the civil war has forced many to flee.

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