Warzone News: April 20, 2016

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Weekly Warzone News: Week of April 20, 2016

In Afghanistan, a suicide bombing by the Taliban in Kabul has killed 28 and wounded hundreds more. Attacks on schools and health centers are making it difficult for the population to access education and health care.

In Armenia, the LA Times produced a helpful background on the conflict with Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh.

In Burundi, rights groups are accusing the police of being responsible for the disappearance of hundreds of Burundians and using torture tactics in prisons. A year after the unrest began, Burundi continues to suffer from violence and the threat of a bigger outbreak.

In Iraq, the U.S. is planning to send about 200 additional troops into the country to serve as advisers.

In Israel and Palestine, a bomb exploded on a bus in Jerusalem, injuring at least 21 people. No suspect has been identified. Troops uncovered a new illegal tunnel leading into Gaza. Israel has arrested six West Bank settlers for attacks on Palestinians.

In Somalia, drought is causing thousands of children to suffer from malnutrition. Somalia plans to hold elections in 2016, though many are questioning if the country is ready.

In South Sudan, the UN is urging the country to quickly form a transitional government upon the return of rebel leaders to the capital city. Rebel leaders appear to be delayed, however, which could damage the peace deal. 140 people were killed and 40 children kidnapped along the border with Ethiopia. The attack appears to have been carried out by a tribe that has a history of cattle raids.

In Sudan, voting in Darfur ended to decide if certain western states should be united into a single state. Results have not been determined, though many are accusing the government of manipulating the vote.

In Syria, rebels are calling for a stop to peace talks, claiming the government has violated the ceasefire. Peace talks have been further threatened by a recent attack at a market in rebel territory. Rebels have announced a new offensive against government forces, threatening the fragile ceasefire deal. A parliamentary election was held, resulting in support for Assad’s government, though the opposition and the West are questioning the validity of the elections. The World Bank is urging a plan for development and reconstruction in Syria to help aid the peace process.

In Yemen, delegates have finally left for Kuwait to attend peace talks, days after they were set to begin. Official observers have arrived in Yemen to monitor the truce.

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