Warzone News: April 27, 2016

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Warzone News: Week of April 27, 2016

Resource of the Week: Almost two-thirds of the world’s unimmunized children live in conflict zones.

In Afghanistan, the country’s vice president, who is accused of committing war crimes, has been barred from entering the US. A Red Cross official is warning that the situation in Afghanistan could become a “forgotten crisis” though it is facing it’s worst humanitarian crisis since 2001.

In Armenia, two people were killed in a bus explosion. Officials say it is “too early” to speculate about who is responsible for the incident.

In Burundi, one year after the crisis began, 260,000 people have fled the country and many more could follow if a solution is not found. The International Criminal Court has announced that it’s opening an investigation into human rights abuses in the country.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the UN expressed concerns over rising political tensions ahead of elections due to take place this year.

In Iraq, the army is warning people not to return home to Ramadi after dozens of people were killed by mines placed there by ISIS. Clashes occurred between Kurds and Shi’ite militias, two groups that are working together to defeat ISIS. The UK parliament voted to label acts of violence by ISIS against ethnic and religious minorities in Iraq and Syria as genocide. Thousands of protesters threatened to storm parliament this week, in further political turmoil.

In Israel and Palestine, Israel has announced plans to build a new wall surrounding Gaza that will include technology to prevent tunnels from being dug. Israel has found an extremist Jewish cell in the West Bank. The group has been responsible for numerous recent attacks on Palestinians.

In Mali, the kidnapping of three aid workers and violent protests are threatening the stabilization the country had been experiencing.

In Nigeria, Amnesty International is accusing the Nigerian army of killing hundreds of Shi’ite Muslims last December. Conflict between herdsmen and farmers is surpassing Boko Haram as the source of most deaths in a conflict largely ignored by the international community.

In Somalia, progress is being made ahead of elections scheduled for this year, though much remains to be done. ISIS has released a propaganda video in an attempt to show that it is active in Somalia.

In South Sudan, opposition leader Riek Machar has finally returned to the country as part of the peace deal and was sworn in as vice president.

In Sudan, a shortage of funding for the country is forcing aid agencies to consider reducing assistance to the war-torn country.

In Syria, people in four besieged towns are being evacuated and aid is set to be delivered to a part of the country that hasn’t received assistance in months. Peace talks are close to falling apart, in which case it could take a year to start them up again. The country’s ceasefire also appears to be crumbling. Food shortages are rising as the conflict has taken a toll on farmers.

In Yemen, peace talks have begun in Kuwait. Peacemakers emphasize the importance of addressing sectarian division to bringing long-term peace. Yemeni forces have re-taken an important port city from Al Qaeda militants.

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