7 Quick Facts About Sanitation

7 quick Facts About Sanitation

Latrines. Toilets. Sanitation. It’s not considered polite conversation. And it’s not something we like to think about. Yet proper sanitation is an integral part of living a life of health and dignity. For millions of people around the world, a lack of adequate sanitation impacts their lives in wide-reaching ways.

So why is sanitation so important? And what is the current state of sanitation around the world? Check out these facts…

  1. Worldwide, 1 in every 3 people lacks access to a toilet.

  2. More people have a mobile phone than a toilet.

  3. Water, sanitation, and hygiene-related diseases are responsible for 1 million deaths per year.

  4. In Somalia, only a quarter of the population has access to improved sanitation. That means 75% of the population doesn’t have a safe, sanitary place to use the bathroom.

  5. Use of sanitation facilities lead to better environmental conditions.

  6. Sanitation is critical to good health, especially for children.

  7. Girls are more likely to stay in school when they have access to a toilet at school.

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