Warzone News: May 18, 2016

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Warzone News: Week of May 18, 2016

Resource of the Week: What is life like for pregnant women in warzones?

In Afghanistan, tensions with neighboring Pakistan are increasing as a border crossing remains closed over disputes about border fencing. Talks began this week to negotiate the end of the war in Afghanistan, though the Afghan government did not send a delegation. The government signed a draft pact with an Al Qaeda-aligned group, though it is likely to have only a minimal effect on the conflict.

In Armenia, talks will resume in June regarding the disputed territory between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

In Central African Republic, the country begins the long process of freeing child soldiers and integrating them into society.

In Democratic Republic of Congo, tensions remain high as the current president tries to subdue the opposition. New evidence that North Korea has provided weapons to forces in Congo. A UN report has found that a Congolese general recruited and financed a Ugandan Islamist group to kill civilians while he was in charge of a military operation.

In Iraq, last Sunday saw a series of five attacks by ISIS, which killed at least 29 people. Yazidi women, who were forced to flee their homes by ISIS, are telling their stories through photography. Yazidi activists are urging world leaders to name their treatment by ISIS as genocide. New estimates show that ISIS has lost up to 45% of it’s territory in Iraq and 20% in Syria.

In Israel and Palestine, Israel is increasing security along its border with Egypt to prevent attacks by ISIS. The Palestinian president warned that the failure of peace talks could bring extremist groups like ISIS to Israel and Palestine.

In Kenya, the government is following through on promises to close the Dadaab refugee camp by releasing a time table. The camp is home to mostly Somali refugees and is being closed over security concerns regarding Islamic extremism. The Somali government responded by saying the closure of the camp would actually increase terrorism by creating more instability.

In Libya, leaders are meeting in Vienna to discuss the country’s battle against ISIS, with some world powers expressing their commitment to arm Libyans in the fight.

In Nigeria, the UN condemns attacks by Boko Haram ahead of a summit that is convening around the fight against the group. While Boko Haram has recently lost some ground, efforts to further eliminate the group must go beyond military strategies. One of the more than 200 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram two years ago was found.

In Somalia, the Somali army is launching attacks on Al-Shabaab in the southern region of the country while US air strikes killed five Al-Shabaab leaders. Talks between Somalia and the semi-autonomous region of Somaliland began in London.

In Sudan, the International Criminal Court is urging Uganda to arrest Sudan’s president, who is wanted for war crimes, when he visits the country.

In Syria, the UN is urging all parties in the conflict to stop attacks on civilian areas that amount to war crimes. The US is launching an investigation into alleged fraud in Turkey for aid intended for Syria. An aid convoy was denied entry into the besieged town of Daraya, which would’ve been the town’s first aid delivery in three years. Meanwhile world powers are working to stabilize the truce and create aid access. World powers failed to choose a date for the next round of peace talks, saying, “If aid does not reach everybody, if the sieges aren’t lifted and if a full truce does not happen, there will be no negotiations.”

In Yemen, of the funds needed to serve millions of Yemenis in need, only 16% of the total amount has been raised. Amnesty International has found that Houthi rebels are imprisoning and torturing many of their opponents.

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