Warzone News: June 22, 2016

warzone news

Resources of the Week: A poll completed by UNICEF shows that young Africans blame politicians for conflict in Africa. A record 65 million people were displaced in 2015, which equates to one in every 113 people.

In Afghanistan, at least 20 people were killed in attacks, including a suicide bomber that struck a bus carrying Nepali security guards.

In Central African Republic, the Lord’s Resistance Army has stepped up it’s activities in the country in 2016, including the kidnapping of 17 people this week. Renewed violence in the northwest of the country has killed several people and forced many more from their homes.

In Democratic Republic of Congo, 9 people were killed when government forces prevented former members of a rebel group from leaving a camp for demobilized militia groups. Former Vice President Jean-Pierre Bemba was sentenced to 18 years in prison by the International Criminal Court for war crimes in CAR in 2002-2003.

In Iraq, the interior minister responded to accusations that the Iraqi army was attacking people fleeing Fallujah, saying the attacks are not systematic and difficult to prevent. Most of Fallujah has been re-taken from ISIS, four weeks after the offensive began.

In Israel and Palestine, Israel is reportedly working to build a below-ground wall around Gaza to prevent Hamas from building tunnels.

In Libya, after making gains earlier this month, the new government’s progress against ISIS has stalled. Fighting between pro-government militants and ISIS has left more than 60 dead in Tripoli.

In Mali, the UN plans to send more troops on the first anniversary of the country’s peace deal.

In Nigeria, attacks by Boko Haram continue, including at a funeral in northeast Nigeria and an attack on police in southern Niger. The government has reached a 30 day truce with militants who have targeted the country’s oil infrastructure.

In Somalia, a new report from the UN finds that there could be up to 5,000 child soldiers among Al-Shabaab’s ranks.

In South Sudan, an investigation by the UN has found that UN troops failed to protect civilians in an attack that killed 40 people earlier this year.

In Syria, the UN has found that ISIS is committing genocide against Yazidis in both Iraq and Syria. This is the first time a non-state actor has been accused of genocide. An increase in violence is preventing aid from getting to the city of Aleppo, though a truce was finally granted this week that allowed aid to be delivered. About 592,000 people are living under siege in Syria. Fortunately, many of these areas have received aid in the past week. A group is accusing the UN of extending the civil war by allowing the Syrian government to dictate the flow of aid, which it uses as a weapon. Jordan has declared it’s borders with Iraq and Syria as “closed military zones” after a suicide bomber killed six soldiers.

In Yemen, a large prisoner swap took place between government forces and Houthi rebels. The UN has found that over half of Yemen’s population is currently experienced severe food insecurity.

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