Warzone News: June 29, 2016

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Warzone News: Week of June 29, 2016

Resource of the Week: The number of widows around the world has risen due, in part, to the increase in violent conflict.

In Afghanistan, recent attacks against civilians suggest the risk of a new wave of violence by the Taliban. ISIS is also stepping up its efforts in the country as it seeks to gain territory in eastern Afghanistan.

In Colombia, the government has reached a ceasefire deal with FARC rebels in the Western hemisphere’s “longest running conflict.”

In Democratic Republic of the Congo, authorities have arrested a provincial lawmaker accused of leading a militia that committed atrocities in South Kivu province.

In Iraq, the commander of the operation to re-take Fallujah from ISIS has officially declared the offensive over. The Iraqi army is now looking to take the city of Mosul. Offensive operations like the one in Mosul could displace 2.3 million Iraqis and leave many in desperate need of food aid. A suicide bombing on a mosque in Baghdad killed 11 people.

In Israel and Palestine, a reconciliation deal between Israel and Turkey has been reached after the Israeli army raided a Turkish flotilla outside of Gaza in 2010. Among other parts of the deal, Turkey will deliver aid to Gaza and build houses, a hospital, and a desalination plant.

In Lebanon, suicide bombers killed 5 people in a Christian village along the border with Syria.

In Myanmar, villagers in the center of the country destroyed a mosque, coinciding with a debate over how to refer to Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim minority group.

In Nigeria, food is running out in camps for people who have fled Boko Haram. The Nigerian army has freed over 500 people held by Boko Haram in 15 different villages. Countries in the Lake Chad region are joining forces in an offensive operations against Boko Haram.

In Somalia, Kenya has announced plans to reduce by half the size of the Dadaab refugee camp, inhabited mostly by Somali refugees, by the end of the year. The US has appointed its first ambassador to Somalia in 25 years.

In South Sudan, UN peacekeepers are being sent home after their conduct earlier this year caused the death of 30 civilians. Renewed fighting caused the death of over 50 people in a remote area of the country.

In Syria, thousands of refugees are stranded after Jordan closed it’s border with Syria. Attacks near a mosque in eastern Syria during prayer time cause many casualties, including 25 children. Syrian opposition groups are accusing Russia of using incendiary bombs, a violation of international humanitarian law.

In Yemen, at least 35 people were killed in bomb attacks in the southeastern city of Mukalla.


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