Warzone News: July 27, 2016

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Warzone News: Week of July 27, 2016

In Afghanistan, the number of civilians killed in the first half of 2016 increased almost 50% form the same period last year. ISIS-affiliated suicide bombers killed 80 people in Kabul. A key ISIS leader was reportedly killed in Afghanistan.

In Central African Republic, the UN Security Council passed a resolution urging all groups in CAR to lay down their arms and for the government to begin a reconciliation process.

In Iraq, as ISIS’ territory shrinks, experts warn that the group could revert to more brutal guerilla tactics.

In Israel and Palestine, Turkish aid began flowing into Gaza after the Israel-Turkey peace deal.

In Libya, government forces have made progress in taking the ISIS-held city of Sirte.

In Mali, increased attacks on aid workers and violence is hindering the delivery of aid in the northern part of the country. A clash between Tuareg rebels and government forces killed up to 20 in northern Mali.

In Nigeria, while the final push begins to defeat Boko Haram, regional armies involved in the fight are struggling to coordinate with one another. A photographer is capturing the lives of people fleeing Boko Haram on Instagram.

In Somalia, suicide bombers killed 13 outside of a UN office in Mogadishu.

In South Sudan, more than 8,000 people fled the country in a single day last week, the highest number in 2016. Division in the country’s main opposition group could lead to further instability and violence. The president replaced one of his rivals, and the UN warned that any political appointments must be in line with the country’s peace deal.

In Syria, government airstrikes hit four hospitals in Aleppo, putting them out of service. The UN is urging for a pause in fighting in Aleppo to deliver aid to the 250,000 people living in the besieged city. The Syrian army has offered to provide a safe exit for civilians wanting to leave the city. In response to airstrikes that killed dozens of civilians, Syrian opposition groups are calling for a suspension of US-led airstrikes. The government expressed it’s interest in resuming peace talks. An ISIS attack killed 44 people in the Kurdish region of northern Syria.

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