Warzone News: July 6, 2016

warzone newsWarzone News: Week of July 6, 2016

In Afghanistan, the Taliban attacked a police convoy near Kabul, killing at least 30.

In Bangladesh, attackers killed 20 people, most of them foreigners, after taking hostages at a cafe in the capital city.

In Burundi, the UN top human rights official said he worries that tension in the country could turn into ethnic violence.

In Cameroon, Boko Haram killed 11 people in a suicide bombing at a mosque.

In Central African Republic, three years of conflict have damaged health facilities and made food scarce, causing half of the country’s population to be without enough food. A deteriorating security situation, including a recent attack that killed 12 people, could lead to the re-emergence of violence, warned the UN human rights chief.

In Democratic Republic of the Congo, a yellow fever outbreak could be disastrous as very few Congolese are vaccinated against the disease in the crowded capital city. The president has said elections will happen in November despite protests and tension. UN peacekeepers are preparing for the possibility of political violence in response to the president’s attempt to hold on to power.

In Iraq, a bombing in Baghdad killed at least 250 people, the largest attack by ISIS in the country. Iraq’s minority groups are on the “verge of disappearance” after 13 years of war. ISIS has reportedly lost almost half of it’s territory in Iraq.

In Israel and Palestine, a new report is warning that actions by both Israelis and Palestinians is making the possibility of a two-state solution less and less viable. Israeli forces have blockaded a city in the West Bank soon after an Israeli settler was stabbed to death by a Palestinian.

In Libya, refugees fleeing the country have reported abuses at the hands of traffickers. Libyan forces are fighting to free the city of Sirte from ISIS control.

In Somalia, a roadside bomb killed 18 people near Mogadishu and another attack by Al Shabaab occurred in southwest Somalia.

In South Sudan, fighting and food shortages have caused 70,000 people to flee in the country’s northwest.

In Syria, government forces attacked the city of Jayrud, near Damascus, and a suicide bombing in northeast Syria killed at least 16. The US may be closer to working with Russia to combat ISIS in Syria. A three-day truce began on Wednesday during the Muslim Eid holiday.

In Yemen, despite the ceasefire in other parts of the country, the city of Taiz is experiencing attacks from all sides of the conflict. A suicide bomber killed 10 people near Yemen’s international airport.

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